ISO Convincing Vote Fraud Evidence - Update

ISO Convincing Vote Fraud Evidence - Update

Tue Nov 9th, 2004 at 20:24:45 EDT

Sorry for delay in update on the 'Hard Evidence' issue. My contact was frustrated in his attempts and that devolved to me. We finally connected today in a different venue. The Message: interest exists and is strong but requires a 'smoking gun' before force is mobilized. Our bewilderment at apparent inaction of Dem-powers-that-be should probably take into account the once-burned reflex: recall the Rove-job CBS received as they bent over to pick up the 'faked AWOL memos'.

Just my inference but I'm sure the pain of that event is a poignant memory for many here.

Anyhow, the obvious idea, to make the convincing case, is a prerequisite. Somewhat frustrated in my own effort to promote consolidation of 'convincing evidence', I joined with another kossak to establish Counting Coup 2004 where possible 'smoking guns' might be accumulated. So if you've got anything that looks real, please be sure to at least post a link and short description in 'Comments' here, or there, to trigger a headsup email for passing on.

TIA and please bump the diary to keep it in view for awhile.

I forgot to mention that the 'big guns' are interested in the work that BlackBoxVoting.org is doing so I'm doing my best to make that connection. If you can forward my note to the right person, I suspect it may pass my messages waiting in the queues somewhere on BBV servers...

by luaptifer on Tue Nov 9th, 2004 at 20:38:20 EDT


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