Counting the Coup 2004

The SCLM has done little to assess or demonstrated the apparent theft of the presidency as culminated on Nov. 2, 2004. A beautiful thing it's been to engage the large corps of small 'd' democrats stepping into the vaccuum where corporate media 'watchdogs' once upon a time were believed to represent the little guy. It's getting well past time to reconsider whether these corporate watchdogs represent interests of more than their shareholders. 'Til then....

The sole purpose here it is to make and keep a record of the analyses, reports, sources for further information and link collections that help Americans understand if and how they've been ripped off in this presidential election. It's my intent to enable multiple administrators of this blog to maximize its potential as a source of record.

It's also my intent that visitors be sure to make their own contributions via the Comments logs. Comments will be retained there and/or incorporated by admins to the central blog repository.


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