Bev Harris: Kerry conceded because of a lie

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Bev Harris: Kerry conceded because of a lie (none / 0)

Kerry conceded because of a lie

Bev Harris gave a radio interview tonight, which can be found at:


Monday, November 8th, 2004
The E-Vote Factor: Kerry Conceded But Did He Really Lose?


Perhaps the most shocking point of this interview (to me) is the fact that Kerry conceded the election based on false information -- he was told that there were about 150,000 provisional ballots left to count, but in reality, Ohio HAD NO IDEA how many provisional ballots there were From the radio interview:

BEV HARRIS: Oh yes, they conceded very prematurely. As I was saying in Ohio, they don't even know if they won or lost in Ohio, really. They are basing this on, I think, a verbal okay from someone in the Secretary of State's office that said, that they were being assured there was only 150,000 provisional ballots. Well I said, where is the source data on that? What auditing do they have on those? They couldn't tell me.


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