For people investigating Diebold , a word of caution

Bait & Snitch scam #2

1. A user pops out of nowhere and says he's an expert programmer, CEO of a company with several servers he can put at our disposal, to help us prove the election fraud. Such a generous soul, heh ?

2. His only problem: He needed to get the Diebold Source code and was having trouble contacting Bev Harris to get it.

THIS IS THE ILLEGAL PART HE CAN SNITCH (giving him Diebold property)

3. None of us had it so we started discussing the way the software was built, the OS, etc.. It was immediately obvious he didn't know WTF he was talking about

4. Suddenly he "found the code". He said he had it all on his servers and offered it to anyone who wanted it.

ANOTHER TRAP (If you accepted it you can be charged with receiving stolen goods)

5) Thankfully, because on his discussions about OS, code (3) he rubbed everyone the wrong way, so there were no takers



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