Mike McCurry: Forget the election, time to move on...

How can we have faith in these guys

by fabacube [Subscribe]Wed Nov 17th, 2004 at 16:14:53 EDT

I just heard Al Franken's interview Mike McCurry and it became resoundingly clear to me that the Kerry team was never ready for a fight. He started by saying that they carefully looked at the results in Ohio the morning after the election and concluded that to challenge the results would require a major court battle and the likelihood of success was small and we didn't want to put the country threw that.
Fine, that is a legitimate argument. What I was not prepared for was what he said next.
He went on to argue that in retrospect it is probably better that we did not win Ohio because it would have been by a very small margin and the Republicans would have made it a huge battle.
If that is not enough, wait there is more to the McCurry logic.
He went on to argue that given that Bush won the popular vote we were better off without such a battle.
Say what??? All of a sudden the popular vote is paramount and we basically are better off having Bush for four more years than fighting for an E.C victory with a small margin victory in Ohio that we would have had to protect in court?
How can we have any faith in these guys! The lesson here is simple. This has to be our battle! We can't count on the Democratic Party fighting it for us.

Mike McCurry on the Al Franken show (none / 0)today pretty much dismissed all suggestions of fraud, recount, etc.
He even urged the bloggers to stop talking about the last election, and focus on the future. Said that Kerry told him the same thing.
There was no mixed message: he said flat out that they didn't get the votes or the turnout they needed and it is time to move on.
So, if that's not a strong indication of where the Kerry campaign stands on this, what is?
They claim they looked at it closely on election night, found no significant voting anomalies, and they haven't really looked at it since.
What to make of all of this?

Mike McCurry's comments (none / 0) Well - it seems we not only have the Repugs to fight - we have Kerry and McCurry as enemies - haven't they read the blogs and diaries? Have they no interest in the exit poll data? Have they no interest in what computer experts and statisticions and the academics have been demonstrating? And they decided in a very few hours on early morning Nov.3rd, all by themselves, that there was no possibility of a win????
I'll be goddam!
This election is bigger than Kerry - and it is a whole lot bigger than McCurry - it belongs to the people - and if Kerry & Co. aren't going to help, they ought to at least get out of our way.
(At this rate, in Election 2008, the Dem base of 50 million will dwindle to 40 million faithful or less.)


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